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Marine litter on the seafloor of the Faial-Pico Passage, Azores Archipelago

Macaronésia, Azores, Oceano Atlântico, Corals, Water Pollution, Environmental Monitoring, Plastic pollution, Marine litter, Marine debris, Benthic fauna, Monitorização, Governo_Açores

Año de publicación: 2017

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Sulfide mantle source heterogeneity recorded in basaltic lavas from the Azores

Macaronesia, Océano Atlántico, Azores, Basalt, Earth, Magmatism, Lithosphere, Mantle, Highly siderophile elements, Mantle heterogeneity, Ocean island basalts, Osmium isotopes, Silicates, Sulfides, Macaronésia, Macaronésia, Macaronésia, Macaronésia, Macaronésia, Macaronesian, Macaronésia, Macaronesian, Macaronésie, Macaronésia, Macaronesian, Macaronésie, Maca...

Año de publicación: 2020

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Impact of Prescribed Burns on Marsh Surface Elevation: Big Branch Marsh, Louisiana

Geography, Marshes, Geomorphology, Meteorological phenomena, Soil composition, Biology, Wetlands, Bodies of water, Sedimentary petrology, Petrology, Topography, Agronomy, PART I: PAPERS, Botany, Environmental studies, Cyclones, Agriculture, Soil science, Wildlife studies, Meteorology, Wildlife conservation, Geology, Ponds, Plant ecology, Earth sciences, Hurr...

Año de publicación: 2013

Future ethics: climate change and apocalyptic imagination / edited by Stefan Skrimshire.

Environmental ethics., Environmental responsibility., Climatic changes Moral and ethical aspects., Global warming Moral and ethical aspects., 179/.1, Dewey: 179/.1, Ethics & moral philosophy., Philosophy Ethics & Moral Philosophy., Environmental ethics., Environmental responsibility., 179.1, Climatic changes Moral and ethical aspects., Dewey: 179.1, Global w...

Año de publicación: 2010

Global climate change and human health: from science to practice / George Luber, Jay Lemery.

Human beings Effect of climate on., Environmental Health., Climatic changes Health aspects., Global warming Health aspects., 616.988, Dewey: 616.988

Año de publicación: 2015

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Archaeology, Editors, Cultural heritage

Año de publicación: 2017